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Castle Season 8 Premiere – Episode ‘XY’ Recap

Castle Season 8 Premiere – Episode ‘XY’ Recap
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Castle Season 8 Premiere – Episode ‘XY’ Recap

The premiere episode of Castle season 8 aired Monday night on ABC and here’s a recap of what transpired in the episode titled “XY.”

The premiere episode of Castle season 8 aired Monday night on ABC and here’s a recap of what transpired in the episode titled “XY.”

If Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) was missing in action in last year’s season 7 premiere, Season 8 started with Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) getting involved in a deadly shooting to go missing!

Last night’s episode starts in a night club as a man confronts a woman he accuses of following him the entire day. The woman confirms she did follow him then stabs the man in the stomach.

The next scene shows couple Castle and Beckett in their apartment, where Castle gifts his wife with a cake with a diamond bracelet inside to congratulate her on her recent promotion as captain. The word “Always” is engraved in the bracelet.

Beckett receives a call from a “telemarketer” then heads off to a meeting while Castle goes to his private investigator office. There he finds his daughter Alexis taking care of business for him while he was away. He learns that Alexis had closed more cases than he did while she is still studying in college. When Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Ryan (Seamus Dever) can’t take hold of Beckett, they invite Castle along as they investigate a murder.

Three men with fake IDs were shot at an abandoned theater by an unknown shooter standing in the balcony. The search on the balcony shows the bullet shells and Beckett’s diamond bracelet lying in a pool of blood.

The blood is processed to reveal it was Beckett’s. So many questions came up as Beckett is nowhere to be found. It turns out that Beckett lied about going to a meeting to her husband.

International Business Insider wrote that as Castle, Esposito and Ryan investigated the address of one of the dead men, they find a woman behind the curtains, hiding. The woman tries to escape but is caught and taken to the precinct.

The woman turned out to be Hayley Shipton (Toks Olagundoye), a freelance security specialist that was hired to find out who are stealing Social Security numbers. With Hayley’s info, Castle is able to narrow down his search to one man and one woman.

A worker at a local dry cleaners identifies Beckett as the one that locked her inside the restroom so she can tend to her wound. She said that she was with a twenty-something Indian man with a beard. The information the worker gave led Castle to think the “telemarketer” and the Indian man is one and the same person.

Alexis helps the men with their investigation while Hayley decides to work with Castle to find the identity of the Indian man who turned out to be diabetic. More questions arise with more discoveries. Alexis also finds out that Beckett visited former Sen. William Bracken (Jack Coleman) in prison – the man who murdered her mother.

Distracted Castle is apprehended and drugged by a female assassin and tossed into a truck. When he wakes up, a man with tarantulas questions him about Beckett’s recent activities. Castle is able to escape from his restraints and makes a run for it. He is later saved by Beckett who shoots the assassin. However, Beckett runs again after giving him a quick kiss.

TVLine reports that the Indian man’s name is Vikram Singh, an analyst from Kate’s former office in D.C. It is also revealed that Beckett’s former partner, Rachel McCord, and her three team members died in a car accident while the fourth one was stabbed in the nightclub.

As to why the female assassin kills people from Beckett’s former office and why she wants to kill Beckett – it is still not known as she refuses to talk and dies while trying to escape the precinct.

The end of the premiere episode of “Castle” season 8 shows Beckett and Singh inside an apartment as a group of assassins arrive to get them.

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