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Cartoon Network Is Working On an App with 15-Second Shows

Cartoon Network Is Working On an App with 15-Second Shows


Cartoon Network Is Working On an App with 15-Second Shows

Cartoon Network Is Working On an App with 15-Second ShowsSmartphones have really initiated the short attention for many years, and now Cartoon Network is planning to take advantage of that by introducing a new app that designed to deliver entertainment in tiny bursts. In the later part of the year, the company will release an app with the name ‘Cartoon Network Anything’ that would contain the tiny chunks of entertainment of 15 seconds in the form of games, videos, and much more.

This new app will not be integrated to any cable service provider of course as revealed by the Vice President of the Cartoon Network Digital, Chris Waldron. He also added that the company is looking forward to the proving ground for the new content that might deserve the longer form production.

The vision of Cartoon Network is to bring the entertainment in small bursts. The micro entertainment is provided to boil down the company to its essence. This entertainment would be directly provided by the network instead of routing via any sort of cable network.

Cartoon Network is certainly concentrating on the digital network now. It is trying to gather the attention of vast majority of its audience on such platforms. This strategy of the company would put it in good stead in competition with the smartphone ads for entertainment. The company will provide short bursts of fun and enjoyment to relive the stress off people.

Cartoon Network is not new to the mobile platform. The company introduced the app for mobile to observe its programming for satellite TV providers and Cable in late 2010. It additionally has spun off plenty of shows since then. It is now joined by its sister network Adult Swim that shares the same channel. It has produced smashing hits for mobile phones such as Amateur Surgeon and Robot Unicorn Attack.

Information about the service as major changes is going to happen at Time Warner’s animation unit. President and Chief Operating Officer Stu Synder who was at that post for past six years announced his registration this week. The report that revealed the departure of the Synder in Log Angeles Times yesterday revealed the reasons of such happenings due to tension due to newly shuffled executives.

This new blood also contains the Turner’s new President David Levy. An internal memo from the Levy, shared by the Times suggested that the change is to introduce the new thinking.

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