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Cartoon Network Announces the Return of the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ in CGI

Cartoon Network Announces the Return of the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ in CGI


Cartoon Network Announces the Return of the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ in CGI

Powerpuff GirlsIn time for the upcoming 15th anniversary of the once popular the ‘Powerpuff Girls,’ Cartoon Network has announced that it is reviving the cartoon series. And to provide the animation with a little modern twist, the animated series would now use computer generated imagery (CGI).

The return of the Powerfuff Girls would be marked by the premiere of its first special episode in CGI on January 20. Expect its main characters, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup to sport all new and full-CG appearances. It is a necessary transformation so they could continue saving the world right before bedtime.

That’s not all to this anticipated return. The new Powerpuff Girls would also be released along with a new mobile game. In the game, players could assume the role of any of their favorite Powerpuff characters. Gamers could also navigate through different levels, acquire power-ups to beat the opponents, and defeat their enemies just to take a face-off with the main villain, Mojo Jojo, which would also sport his new CG look.

Pilot episode

The new and premiere episode of the Powerpuff Girls’ return would have the title ‘Dance Pantsed.’ As expected, it would also feature the cape-wearing and evil-scheming chimpanzee, Mojo Jojo. In the first episode, he would abduct a mathematician, a badger, and an opera singer. Of course, the intention is still to takeover Chemical X, the secret formula that accidentally created the Powerpuff Girls (along with sugar, spice, and everything nice).

As usual, the Powerpuff Girls would halt his plans. But Mojo Jojo would not stop there. He could devise a scheme to force the little heroines to play a nefarious videogame, ‘Dance Pants R-EVILution.’ Thus, Professor Utonium would be left to save them and the rest of Townsville.

Guest Starr

If you think that is all to the return of the Powerpuff Girls, you are wrong. Another interesting highlight would be the guest voices, who would dub for the guest characters. Spearheading the cast would be The Beatles’ legendary drummer Ringo Starr, who would dub the voice of the abducted mathematician.

The new Powerpuff Girls is still produced by Cartoon Network Studios along with Passion Pictures. The premiere episode was under the direction of Dave Smith with art direction by Kevin Dart. Before the premiere of this special episode, a five-hour marathon of the classic Powerfuff Girls series would run on January 19.

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