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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Deviates From Original Plan, Romance Between Vision And Wanda Decoded!

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Deviates From Original Plan,  Romance Between Vision And Wanda Decoded!
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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Deviates From Original Plan, Romance Between Vision And Wanda Decoded!

Fans are eagerly waiting for “Captain America: Civil War” to finally hit the big screens worldwide. While reports have been made that its Civil War plot would be a total hit, it is not really what the creators have in mind at first.

In a report by i09, Producer Kevin Feige said, “We developed Captain america 3 knowing we wanted to continue the Bucky story.”

“Is Bucky going to to get his mind back? What is Bucky struggling with after the tag scene on winter soldier and how does Steve’s desire to save Bucky bring him into conflict with something else, thinking about how do the sins of his past sort of affect him? And [writers] Chris [Markus] and Steve [McFeely] came up with a number of cool plots that could’ve worked, but none of them were feeling worthy of a follow up to Winter Soldier.”

McFeely said that even before the Civil War has been picked, they have been already working on the Bucky story. His co- writer, Markus, added “We plotted out a movie that wasn’t Civil War, but that had sort of the central spine that you still see, with Zemo and Bucky, and a couple of the set pieces. And the further you probe into the effects of the Winter Soldier on the [Marvel Cinematic Universe] , by not bringing in other people, we’re actually ignoring content.” Feige however revealed that he had always wanted to do a movie based on Civil War As reported by Screen Rant,

In another news, Cinema Blend reported why Paul Bettany’s Vision and Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch naturally bonded compared to other Avengers. The site was able to interview Bettany and Chadwick Boseman earlier this month at the Los Angeles press event for “Civil War” to get the explanation for this. According to Bettany, both characters are unaware of their power and this is frightening for the two of them. This common feeling drew them together.

“Vision has just recently been born, and she has recently received this gift. And not knowing, like a child, where his boundaries are, that’s kind of a terrifying… what’s the extent, where does the room stop? Where are the walls?,” Bettany said.  “And also I think he’s really interested in what it means to be human, and that might well be love. I think he’s trying to work out what that is,” he added. The site also said a romance between the two characters is not that far-fetched, just like in the comics.

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