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Capitol Christmas Tree Arrives From Idaho

Capitol Christmas Tree Arrives From Idaho
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Capitol Christmas Tree Arrives From Idaho

This year’s Christmas tree to be set up at the Capitol arrived in Washington on Monday.

From the state of Idaho, the 84-year-old Englemann spruce comes from the Little Ski Hill just outside of McCaul.

Capitol Christmas Tree selected for branching habit, ability to hold ornaments and shape and color

According to Stephen Ayers, the architect of the Capitol, while there were plenty of “good candidates” for the Capitol Christmas tree, the one in question was selected “for its branching habit, its ability to hold ornaments well, and its overall shape and color.”

“Once the tree is unbound, a crane will lift it from the trailer, and set it into place on the west front lawn of the capitol,” Ayers added. Grounds crew will spend the next few days decorating the tree with thousands of LEDs and ornaments.

Capitol Christmas Tree established on Little Ski Hill nearly 80 years ago

The tree was established nearly 80 years ago, according to Keith Lannom, Supervisor of Payette National Forest. The tree was sapling when skiers started visiting the Little Ski Hill.

“Generations of McCaulers have learned to ski there and six winner Olympians got their start” at the Little Ski Hill, Lannom said.

Lannom added that he met an 89-year-old woman in Weiser, Idaho, who remembered skiing over the same tree as a kid.

The tree will be decorated with as 6,000 “big, shiny ornaments.”

The lighting ceremony of the 16,500-pound tree will be held on December 6.

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