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Cannes Flat Shoes Ban Is Not True – Thierry Fremaux

Cannes Flat Shoes Ban Is Not True – Thierry Fremaux
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Cannes Flat Shoes Ban Is Not True – Thierry Fremaux

A report from Screen Daily saying that women wearing rhinestone flats are banned from attending Festival De Cannes 2015 has created quite a stir. The report said women in their 50’s, some with medical condition, were turned away for wearing flat shoes.

Guests were told to buy appropriate shoes and come back

The women were refused entry specifically to the screening of Todd Hayne’s film, “Carol,” the Screen Daily reported. Asif Kapadia, director for the Amy Whinehouse documentary, tweeted that his wife experienced being banned from entering the festival because of wearing flat shoes.

The discriminatory and sexist dress code was confirmed by one Cannes regular who has spoken on condition of anonymity.

“I’ve heard this happening several times now, even to older women who can’t wear heels for medical reasons. It’s bulls***. Someone I know was turned away for wearing nice flats, nothing you would wear to the beach. They were in their 50’s. They told her she could go and buy appropriate shoes and come back,” the unnamed source told Screen Daily.

Cannes Flat Shoes Ban is unfounded said Thierry Fremaux

Thierry Fremaux denied that such dress policy exists. He said the report is just rumor and unfounded.

Fremaux tweeted that the regulations for the stairs have not changed, BBC reported. He said the policy only went as far as prohibiting smoking, requiring guests to wear formal attire. There is no mention of wearing heels, Fremaux said.

This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Cannes festival.

“Rules have not changed throughout the years (tuxedo, formal dress for gala screenings) and there is no specific mention about the height of the women’s heels as well as for men’s,” the spokesperson told BBC.

Admission to Festival De Cannes screenings

A quick check conducted by Morning News USA of the festival’s official website has found that guests were required to follow formal dress code, with no specific rule on wearing high-heels.

“Black tie/evening dress is required for gala screenings. For all other screenings appropriate smart dress is sufficient,” the Cannes Festival website stated.

The policy was however clear on two things: “It is strictly forbidden to photograph, film, record or retransmit the screenings by any means whatsoever” and that “above all to refrain from taking selfies with smartphones.”

Any person carrying a camcorder, camera, webcam or any other audiovisual recording device of any kind will not be admitted to the Steps, to the Palais and to the Festival and Marche’ du Film Theaters, the policy reads.

“Out of respect for the organisation of the red carpet ceremony, we ask you kindly to refrain from taking photographs or filming on the steps of the Palais des Festivals, and Filming or taking photographs of celebrities is strictly prohibited,” the policy stated.


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