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Candy Crush Saga Gets Closer to Trademarking the Word ‘Candy’

Candy Crush Saga Gets Closer to Trademarking the Word ‘Candy’


Candy Crush Saga Gets Closer to Trademarking the Word ‘Candy’

Candy Crush Saga Gets Closer to Trademarking CandyIn less than a month, the word ‘candy’ might finally be trademarked by popular game ‘Candy Crush Saga.’ The mobile game’s developer King is now a step closer to achieving that goal. That is because the US Patent and Trademark Office handed down approval on January 15 to the trademark application.

King filed a trademark application for the term ‘candy’ in February 2013. After almost a year, it was approved. But it is not yet a done deal. Other companies could still make objections within 30 days after approval. Their complaints would have to be properly registered to the patent office.

The claim to trademark the word does not make any specification on font style, color, or style. It simply aims for control over ‘candy.’ That means after gaining the trademark, that word can no longer be used by other companies when branding their educational services, software products, and even clothing. Thus, we may not expect to see the word printed in ear muffs, bath robes, underwear, paper hats, and shower caps, among other items.

‘Candy Slots’

In anticipation of this trademark approval, Apple Inc has reportedly released an advisory to all app developers whose programs and game titles use the word ‘candy.’ Those include ‘All Candy Casino Slots’ Jewel Craze Connect: Big Blast Mania Land.’

This other game does not share any similarity to ‘Candy Crush Saga’ but it is noticeable that in the App Store, its icon reads just ‘Candy Slots.’ King has been arguing that such a practice could incur confusion among consumers, which would eventually possible damage the brand of ‘Candy Crush Saga.’

Giving way

This is not the first time for King to file for trademark of ‘candy.’ It has already trademarked the word with the European Union. In the region, King constantly fights infringement cases against other companies.

In a statement, King said it does not enforce against all users of the word ‘candy.’ It admitted that some of those are legitimate. But it singled out ‘All Candy Casino Slots’ as saying that the game title obviously attempts to use the intellectual property of ‘Candy Crush Saga’ through calculated means such as search engine rankings.

In its own statement, ‘Candy Casino Slots’ manufacturer Benny Hsu said that his company would change the game’s title if there would be necessity to do so. This, he admitted, would help make it avoid incurring costly legal fees.

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