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Candy Crush Saga Creator Resolves Two Trademark Disputes

Candy Crush Saga Creator Resolves Two Trademark Disputes


Candy Crush Saga Creator Resolves Two Trademark Disputes

Candy Crush Saga Creator Resolves Two Trademark DisputesMobile game creator King has found resolution to two trademark disputes it had with other game developers. The maker of the popular game Candy Crush Saga has finally ended dispute with the maker of The Banner Saga and the developer of CandySwipe.

The dispute started when King filed a trademark for the term ‘saga’ that pertains to video games. That was an addition to its earlier trademark filing for the word ‘candy.’ The latter was approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office on January 15 this year.

That time, as part of the process, other game developers were given just 30 days to object to the approval of the patent office. Those who don’t agree with the decision may justify their stands on why the ‘candy’ trademark should not be awarded to King.

Battle with CandySwipe 

The maker of CandySwipe objected, reiterating that the game was created before Candy Crush was even developed. King could have easily lost in that battle. However, it was lucky enough for the new twist of event.

King bought the rights to another video game, which is called Candy Crusher. As it turned out, Candy Crusher predated CandySwipe. King instantly gained the ammunition to boast that it has the right to fight for the trademark. Consequently, King withdrew its original Candy trademark application and filed a new claim over the right of Candy Crusher to the word.

Not surprisingly. CandySwipe surrendered and pulled out its opposition to Candy Crusher’s trademark application. In a statement, the maker of CandySwipe acknowledged that Candy Crush now owns the rights to the word. It even reiterated that both games could possibly continue to co-exist without actually incurring confusion among game players.

The saga trademark

For the case of the Saga trademark, the maker of The Banner Saga simply inked an agreement with Candy Crush Saga over the use of the word on its name. The game developer acknowledged that the word rightfully belongs to King.

For its part, King simply said that it has the legal obligation for the protection of its trademarks. It reiterated that by protecting its rights over the use of Candy and Saga words, it is not just being aggressive. It said it is also being righteous and protective of its trademark.

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