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Candy Crush Saga Creator Aims to Block ‘The Banner Saga’ Trademark Application

Candy Crush Saga Creator Aims to Block ‘The Banner Saga’ Trademark Application


Candy Crush Saga Creator Aims to Block ‘The Banner Saga’ Trademark Application

Block The Banner Saga Trademark ApplicationKing, the developer of popular mobile game app ‘Candy Crush Saga,’ is reportedly preparing strategies to block final approval of the trademark application for Stoic Studio’s ‘The Banner Saga.’ It may indicate the company’s reported goal to own the trademark to all the words in the title of the smash hit game.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has already approved King’s own trademark application for the word ‘Candy.’ Meanwhile, Stoic Studio is trying to trademark its own role-playing game called ‘The Banner Saga.’ According to rules of the patent office, any party could object to any application for trademark.

To block that application, King is arguing that the word ‘Saga’ would likely confuse consumers when used in other games. The company believes that many consumers would still be misled and deceived into thinking that ‘The Banner Saga’ is directly associated with ‘Candy Crush Saga.’

Trademark application

It could be recalled that King filed the trademark application for ‘Candy Crush Saga’ in 2011. However, that application was suspended in 2012 after King failed to submit foreign registration from the UK. King is a London-based business.

King has already obtained US trademarks for other ‘saga’ games. Those include ‘Pyramid Solitaire Saga’ and ‘Bubble Witch Saga.’ Still applications for trademarks of other titles are actively pending.

Now, the company argues that the trademark office should deny Stoic’s application. It thinks that there is obvious similarity in the nature of ‘The Banner Saga’ and ‘Candy Crush Saga.’ King raised the possibility of confusion across the marketplace, which would logically translate to possible damages to King.

Protecting intellectual property

But it clarified that its concern is not on ‘The Banner Saga’ building on King’s brand or content. However, it said the move is merely an act to preserve and protect its intellectual property.

King thinks that if it does not oppose trademark application of ‘The Banner Saga,’ it would certainly be easier for copy cats to raise the argument that the use of the word ‘Saga’ in their names is legitimate. Thus, this issue is of high importance to King as it already owns many other games that use the term as a main brand name.

Stoic Studio is yet to make any comment regarding this issue. Meanwhile, King has 30 more days until the trademark approval for ‘Candy’ is officially finalized. However, it has to hope that no one would come out to oppose that application, or the whole process would be blown away.

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