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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s ‘Boyish Charm’ Makes Headlines

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s ‘Boyish Charm’ Makes Headlines
Justin Trudeau Backstage with Media Mohammad Jangda/Flickr cc by-sa 2.0


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s ‘Boyish Charm’ Makes Headlines

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting the United States, marking the first time in 20 years a Canadian leader will dine in the White House.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting the United States this week. On Thursday, he will be dining at the White House, marking the first time in 20 years a Canadian prime minister is attending an official state dinner.

While Trudeau’s visit is seen as an opportunity for the two countries to strengthen their ties, the prime minister’s sex appeal has also made the rounds and attracted a lot of attention. Bloomberg says Trudeau had a “boyish charm and pedigree.” Politico cites an anonymous senior Obama administration official saying, “Seriously, with his looks, heart, and mind, he’s dreamy.” The official referred to the prime minister as “my new political crush.” The point of focus of Trudeau, who is arriving at the U.S. with his wife, will be the official state dinner at the White House.

Trudeau said that maintaining healthy relations with the U.S. is vital for Canada’s prosperity, CBC News reports. “Few relationships matter to Canada as much as a good relationship with the United States of America, for jobs, for economic growth, for trade purposes, for building the kinds of opportunities for Canadians right across the country that are truly needed,” he said. “For 10 years, those relationships have been strained — and now we’re pleased to be able to re-engage on a broad range of important files to be able to build the kinds of opportunities for all Canadians that we know people need.”

According to NBC News, Trudeau is regarded as a highly progressive politician in Canada. His father served as the country’s prime minister for most of the period from 1968 until 1984.

“I think there is a developing special relationship between this president and prime minister,” White House senior official Mark Feierstein said. Denison Offut, director for North American affairs, also spoke about the leaders of the two countries, saying they “are progressive, forward-looking, and have very similar common values and agendas.”

“Having met … last December there was a natural synergy there. Especially with the followup at the Paris environmental talks.”

Trudeau came to power in October; his stand on key issues like Syrian refugees and marijuana legalization has introduced new policy shifts in the country. His looks and charm have also contributed significantly to his status as an international celebrity.

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