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Canada PM Justin Trudeau Is An APEC Hottie

Canada PM Justin Trudeau Is An APEC Hottie
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Canada PM Justin Trudeau Is An APEC Hottie

APEC 2015: Canada PM Justin Trudeau is an APEC Hottie.

Social media is at it again, and this time, the focus on the economic discussions in the ongoing APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) shifted a bit to Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

This is not because of Justin Trudeau’s economic plans for Canada and the Asia Pacific countries, but because many Filipinos find the prime minister “hot.”

The 21 Pacific Rim leaders who are gathering in Manila, Philippines this week, including Barack Obama and Chinese President, Xi Jinping, are in to discuss economic policies and trade agreements in the region. But the Prime Minister, together with Mexican President, Pena Nieto, have caught the attention of many. The hashtag, #APEChottie, had started trending in Twitter and Facebook after the delegates arrived in Manila on Tuesday.


Polls were set up and Toronto Sun reported that reporters were not allowed to do some “shouting or making giddy shrieks” when seeing Trudeau. The two leaders were in the cover page of a local newspaper, The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Though policies are being discussed now, the still, the search for the best #APEChottie doesn’t end with the leaders themselves.

How about you? Who is your #APECHottie?

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