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Can True Detective Resurrect From What’s Been A Largely Disappointing Season 2?

Can True Detective Resurrect From What’s Been A Largely Disappointing Season 2?
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Can True Detective Resurrect From What’s Been A Largely Disappointing Season 2?

The second season of True Detective started with a new set of actors, a new location and a new case. While the first season of the anthology series was a smash hit, the show hasn’t been able to keep up with it. The shootout at the end of the fourth episode, Down Will Come – while giving its fans a much needed hope that the second half of season 2 might be worth savoring – was largely disappointing.

While Down Will Come didn’t provide its fans anything to feel hopeful about, Other Lives was by and large frustrating, as reported by USA Today. Frank (Vince Vaughn) has left his mansion and now lives in a suburban house, Ray (Colin Farrell) works for Frank, Ani (Rachel McAdams) is going to sexual harassment seminars and Paul (Taylor Kitsch) is working on insurance fraud cases.

Nevertheless, it ended with a cliffhanger that looks promising to bring the show back from what may become a failing downslide.

Other Lives ended with a confrontation between Ray and Frank – in Frank’s suburban home where he now lives after moving out of his mansion – about the lie Frank told Ray when Frank gave Ray the name of the man who raped Ray’s wife. As it turns out, Frank had given Ray the wrong name, as reported by E! Online.

While Slate’s Willa Paskin gave mildly positive reviews to the first three episodes of the show, the fourth one largely disappointed her. She went on to express her concern about how critics should not arrive at a judgement without watching the entire season, just like one shouldn’t judge a book after only reading the first few chapters.

“As has been too often noted, reviewing television shows based on a smattering of episodes is similar to reviewing a book based only on its early chapters,” she says. “This is a complaint often trotted out by creators who think their show has gotten a bum rap (a cohort that overlaps significantly with creators who think a ‘bum rap’ is anything less than a 100 percent approval rating). As such, this analogy is almost always used as a chastisement against judging a TV show too early. It is not, as it could be, used to point out that the early chapters of a book are a pretty good indicator of the novel to come. And it is not, as it could be, used to highlight how much more patient people generally are with TV shows than with books. ‘Stick around! It gets good around Episode 3’ is something people say encouragingly all the time. ‘Stick around! It finally gets good around Page 200!’ is only a recommendation for a book compared to ‘it never gets good.’”

Regardless of the how the second half of season 2 of “True Detective” turns out, it will take a lot to even out the unsatisfactory first four episodes, as reported by Vox.


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