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You Can Now Sell Printed Tickets Through Gametime, Here’s How.

You Can Now Sell Printed Tickets Through Gametime, Here’s How.
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You Can Now Sell Printed Tickets Through Gametime, Here’s How.

A new add-on feature on Gametime, the mobile ticket selling app,  that will now allow users to sell tickets just by clicking a picture of it. Websites like Techcrunch believe this feature could indeed increase the purchase of sports and concert ticket through the app.

The “snap and sell “feature on Gametime looks similar to the scanning option from mobile banking apps, designed for easier use, even for sellers with traditional type tickets.

The App accesses the Smartphone’s camera to capture pictures of tickets with barcode. The company has also included optical character recognition technology for sellers to upload the necessary information of the ticket into the mobile marketplace automatically. There’s no need for manual entry.

Other ticket selling apps currently available in the market requires the seller to tap their smartphone 75 times will their data says Brad Griffith, Founder and CEO of Gametime. Whereas their app has overcome this obstacle and require the sellers to tap not more than 3 times from clicking a picture of the ticket and adding it on the market.

The app then prices the ticket automatically based on the information taken from the ticket and also provides the sellers with “surge pricing” options, without any hassle of research for price comparison. However, unless we get reviews from customers we cannot confirm if the function is comforting to the seller.

Gametime initially began by selling sports tickets to users who wanted to get their hands on them at the last minute. Now, the company has raised over $13.3 million in venture capital and has expanded its territory into selling concert tickets and perhaps much more in future.

Report from the company says that the ticket seller app has already been downloaded by 1.5 million people till date and the company has sold tickets for 485 sports team, 455 artists in more than 400 venues as we speak.

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