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Can ‘Lumia 950 XL’ Camera Beat ‘Sony Xperia Z5’ Camera?

Can ‘Lumia 950 XL’ Camera Beat ‘Sony Xperia Z5’ Camera?
Lumia 950 from Microsoft


Can ‘Lumia 950 XL’ Camera Beat ‘Sony Xperia Z5’ Camera?

Windows Central has tested Lumia 950 XL camera and posted a few pictures on its site. And the results are fantastic.

A few days ago, DxOMark Mobile’s report said that Sony Xperia Z5 is one of the best camera smartphones in the market. Now that Windows Central has tested the Lumia 950 XL camera and posted the results, we wonder if this Microsoft phone will be able to beat Sony Xperia Z5 when it comes to camera photos.

Microsoft was never known for delivering good camera phones. To be honest, the least is expected from this feature of devices from this company. But the latest Microsoft devices are here to prove everyone wrong. While posting camera results, Windows Central in its post wrote, “One area where we have high hopes for the high-end Windows Phone is in regards to its 20MP camera. Indeed, yesterday we had a chance to play around with the 950 XL’s new shooter and were very impressed both with its speed and incredible quality.”

The lead on Lumia’s camera technology, Juha Alakarhu, also took a macro shot of water droplets with his Lumia phone and posted it on his Instagram account. And the result is just like that of a high-end camera.

If you are a photography enthusiast and are still not sure whether you should go and buy a Lumia for yourself, here are a few more details about the camera of Lumia 950 XL you should know about.

This 20-megapixel camera phone comes with –
a. Triple LED natural flash
b. 4K video recording
c. Rich Capture (feature that automatically chooses the best shooting mode)
d. 1.12-micron pixel size
e. 1/2.4-inch sensor
f. F/1.9 aperture
g. ISO up to 12800

Sony’s Xperia has one of the best cameras, and the best part is that the company has maintained the quality of its cameras. But looking at the camera results of Lumia 950 XL, we can say that there is some tough competition here. Wait till it reaches its customers. Only then will we come to know about the flaws, if any.

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