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Can DeAndre Jordan Lift Mavs And Himself?

Can DeAndre Jordan Lift Mavs And Himself?
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Can DeAndre Jordan Lift Mavs And Himself?

Deep emotional ties were finally broken. Well, in a hardcore professional world, decisions and moves are made eying bigger achievements. DeAndre Jordan played all his seven years of his NBA career for the Los Angeles Clippers. Last Friday he confirmed his move to the Dallas Mavericks, agreeing to an astronomical $80 million maximum, 4-year contract.

Jordan’s ambition

The third team all-NBA center at this point of his career aspires to become the greatest center of the NBA circuit. Desperate to come out from the eclipse of Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, Jordan entered free agency to weigh his demand in the market. Chandler Parsons, who played a key role in persuading the star-center, pounced on the opportunity. Parsons lured him with the option of featuring in the prime role in the Mavs roster. From the Clippers, too, Jordan demanded a bigger role on-court, not a mere supportive role for Paul and Griffin.

“It all came down to him being the best center in the NBA, an All-Star-caliber and MVP-caliber player in this league,” Parsons said after convincing Jordan to move at Dallas.

And Jordan, at 26, felt that there is no other place than Dallas where he can prove his mettle and become the best center for the next 10 years.

“I think he’s a perennial All-Star. I think he’s the most athletic, best defending, finishing lob threat in the NBA. He has a chance to be the best center in the NBA the next 10 years,” clarified Parsons.

Does Jordan’s inclusion make the Mavs a contender?

The Mavs met most sought after free-agent forward LaMarcus Aldridge, but prioritized Jordan from the beginning. They have also signed shooting-guard Wes Matthews, a prolific 3-point shooter. Jordan beyond doubt is a better option than veteran Tyson Chandler, till date the best center to play for the Mavs. Besides, Jordan is a terrific blocker, though whether he can anchor a quality defense will be tested this season.

Mavs are more relying on Jordan on the offensive end, making him a focal point, and developing some sort of combination with Matthews. In theoretical speculations, Jordan makes them better in short terms.

It’s an acid test for Jordan to thrive without Chris Paul’s brilliance, which he is keen to prove by virtue of his offensive potential, bringing the Mavs closer to the championship.

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