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Can Bernie Sanders Kill The Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Can Bernie Sanders Kill The Trans-Pacific Partnership?
Bernie Sanders – Caricature (Painting) DonkeyHotey / FlickrCC BY 2.0


Can Bernie Sanders Kill The Trans-Pacific Partnership?

According to DC press, it’s until the very last minute on a possible vote in the House on fast track to pre-approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership as well as other pending trade deals.

Recently, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had called for a “political revolution” in order to revitalize democracy in the United States.

There’s a significant difference between just voting “no” on something and doing everything you can to stop it from happening. Even though Sanders had voted “no” in the Senate on fast track, he hasn’t done everything he could to stop it. The one thing which he could’ve done was to publish the TPP text, which has been kept classified by the administration, while they are  only supposed to use the classification power for whose revelation would endanger the national security of the country.

As pointed out by Alan Beattie, a veteran financial journalist, other international agreements like the trade agreements were open to the general public while they were in the process of negotiation.

Like Rep. Darrell Issa, Sanders could have also published a TPP chapter that had been leaked earlier. Currently, WikiLeaks has published three chapters of the TPP text.

Sanders could easily publish these chapters on his website or try to them into the Congressional Record, if he wanted to.

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