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Cameron Heyward Fined By NFL For Eye Black Tribute To Father

Cameron Heyward Fined By NFL For Eye Black Tribute To Father
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Cameron Heyward Fined By NFL For Eye Black Tribute To Father

Cameron Heyward has been fined for honoring his father Ironhead, who died from cancer in 2006. Should the NFL soften its stance and give players a break?

Cameron Heyward, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive linesman, has been fined by the NFL for wanting to honor his late father, Craig “Ironhead” Heyward – the former NFL fullback.

During the Steelers-Ravens game on October 2, Heyward inked the words “Iron” and “Head” to his eye black (as seen in his tweet below). But this did not sit well with top brass in the NFL.

Heyward tweeted on Wednesday: “Got fined for honoring my Dad who bravely fought cancer on my eye black.” Heyward took a jab at the league after Wednesday’s practice session. “To lose a person like that due to cancer, for cancer awareness, I don’t think it should be a big deal at all. There are a lot of other things we could be worried about.”

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Heyward Sr was 39 when he died in 2006, almost eight years after being diagnosed with cancer. At the time, Cameron was only 17 and suffered great hardships before representing Ohio State. Drafted by the Steelers in 2011, Cameron is widely regarded as one of the league’s best young defensive linesmen. He was also rewarded with a long-term contract extension by the Steelers.

Not surprisingly, this news comes just a few days after Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams was prohibited from wearing pink to raise awareness for breast cancer. Williams’ mother, who battled the disease for many years, took a turn for the worse last year at the age of 53. While NFL agreed to make an exception for pink attires in the month of October, since it is universally acclaimed as Breast Awareness Month, it hasn’t allowed Williams to wear pink for the entirety of the NFL season.

Is the NFL extremely stubborn? The league has been heavily criticized for its hard stance.

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