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Calvin Harris Taylor Swift Reconcilation: DJ Reportedly Not Moving On

Calvin Harris Taylor Swift Reconcilation: DJ Reportedly Not Moving On
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Calvin Harris Taylor Swift Reconcilation: DJ Reportedly Not Moving On

Is Calvin Harris missing ex-flame Taylor Swift but not sure whether he wants to start dating her again? His recent actions certainly say something like that!

It was not long ago that Taylor Swift broke up with the DJ and Producer, Calvin Harris, only to throw herself at Tom Hiddleston, barely a couple of weeks later.

Photos started pouring in from multiple sources of the newly formed couple making out the beach and having a time of their lives.

Did such PDA make Calvin jealous? Does he want his old love back?

Taylor Swift Dating Tom Hiddleston

Calvin was seen wiping clean his social media accounts of any trace of his ex-girlfriend as soon as she was spotted with another man, reports US Weekly. This includes de-following her on Instagram, after he posted and immediately deleted the cryptic message, “Oh boy it’s about to go down.”

But since then, Calvin has had a change of heart and he has started refollowing Taylor again from 22nd June. Is he missing her, now that she has found a rebound of her own?

Calvin Harris Taylor Swift Split

Well, apparently he is not missing her enough to want to date her again! In fact, he has dropped all plans of dating anyone right now.

“Calvin wants to date but he is choosing not to because he knows that the paparazzi are all over him right now and it would just ruin any potential relationship,” an insider of Hollywood Life informed. “He feels like he should let things cool down with all the Taylor stuff before he pursues anything publicly with another girl. He doesn’t want to play her game!”

Calvin Harris, like many post-breakup celebrities, has hit the gym hard and getting into the best shape possible has become his sole focus in this difficult time. He has also been seen posting pictures of his bare six-pack body on Snapchat.

Is it to make Taylor Swift realize what she is missing out on?

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