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Caitlyn Jenner Can Keep Her Gold – IOC

Caitlyn Jenner Can Keep Her Gold – IOC
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Caitlyn Jenner Can Keep Her Gold – IOC

The International Olympic Committee has spoken on the controversial petition seeking to nullify and revoke the gold medal awarded to Caitlyn Jenner (then Bruce) during the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. The body said it has no qualms over Jenner’s transitioning from man to woman. It was an affirmation that the 65-year-old Olympian can keep her gold safely tucked wherever it is.

A petition on immediately circulated following Jenner’s public outing on Monday on Vanity Fair. Submitted by Jennifer Bradford, the petition called on IOC to revoke the distinction Jenner won, as well as the gold medal given to her, because she had competed unfairly in the games held 39 years ago. A report by NYDailyNews states the petition has gathered over 11,300 signatures as of Thursday afternoon.

But the IOC seemed to care less whether Jenner competed as a man or woman.

“Bruce Jenner won his gold medal at the 1976 Olympic Games and there is no issue for the IOC,” Mark Adams, IOC’s communications director, told The Independent. Suffice to say, Jenner rightfully won the sporting event through sheer hard work, and thus her gender transitioning have no bearing on her Olympian status.

Jenner won the gold medal at the men’s decathlon event in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. The record was held for a long time until 1980 when another athlete broke another one.

But the same couldn’t be said of Jenner’s golfing handicap. The U.S. Golf Association said it will, regrettably, void all her past scores because women are marked differently than men in the sport, The Daily Express reports. Jenner will have start all over again and re-earn her marks as a woman.

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