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You Can Now Buy OnePlus X For $16.12 A Month, OnePlus 2 For $22.60 A Month

You Can Now Buy OnePlus X For $16.12 A Month, OnePlus 2 For $22.60 A Month
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You Can Now Buy OnePlus X For $16.12 A Month, OnePlus 2 For $22.60 A Month

OnePlus phones, when launched, were next to impossible to buy due to their invite-only condition. Slowly, the company started selling the devices without an invite. After trying open sales for short time periods, the company decided to sell the handsets without an invite. And now installments have been introduced, making it easier to buy a OnePlus phone. Read on to know more  about OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X prices.

On Monday, OnePlus announced the installment plan on its forum. Purchase of these phones on installment was immediately made available in the US. The only condition is that the order must be above $99. Installments do not mean you will have to stick to it and keep paying in parts. If at any moment you feel like paying the full price, you can without hesitation. And yes, you can switch carriers as well. Please note that the payment is to be done only via PayPal credit. While explaining the payment system, OnePlus also revealed the prices of OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X. Here you go:

  1. OnePlus 2: 18-month plan. Starts at $22.60 a month
  2. OnePlus X: 18-month plan. Starts at $16.12 a month

What made the company think of installments? In the announcement post published on the forum, OnePlus wrote, “Buying a phone in the US is confusing. Convoluted terms and conditions, many middlemen, and (despite some positive change recently) very opaque in terms of what part of your monthly bill goes to the smartphone versus everything else.” In the post, the company also said, “For a long time, carriers have been masking the true price of their smartphones through subsidies, and more recently installments. To give consumers the power to fairly compare what they’re paying at a carrier versus on, we want our customers to have access to all of the payment options they’ve come to expect.”

We cannot forget to mention that these phones were in high-demand when they were invite-only. Let’s see if easy availability affects its demand or soars the sales figure.

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