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Bus Driver Saves 56 Children From A Burning School Bus

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Bus Driver Saves 56 Children From A Burning School Bus

One bus driver has managed to save the lives of all 56 children inside a school bus that was about to burst into flames.

The fire occurred unexpectedly on Tuesday morning. That day, school bus driver Teresa Stroble was on the road with 56 students as she transports them to Duncan Elementary, Beech Springs Intermediate and Byrnes Freshman Academy. All of a sudden, however, something did not seem right.

According to the District Five Schools in Spartanburg County, two 9th grade students suddenly noticed smoke in the bus. Soon as they saw this, they proceeded to notify Stroble. And when Stroble learned this, she immediately sprang into action. She quickly and calmly proceeded to evacuate all 56 students with her in the bus. She also managed to get them to a safe location just in time as flames soon engulfed the bus.

Heat from the burning school but could be felt by nearby residents.

According to a report from CBS News, one local resident who wishes to remain anonymous said he had witnessed the school bus explode. He also reported being able to heat from the flames as he drove past it on West Main Street in Duncan. “I was driving and saw a large black cloud ahead of me and as I got closer I saw the bus on fire in the car wash parking lot. As I continued to drive by the heat was so intense I could feel it from inside my truck.”

On the other hand, 54-year-old resident David Porter was horrified when he saw the burning school but. He thought there were children who had died in the incident and was amazed to find out no one was injured. “It was like, ‘this is unbelievable.’ I don’t know how she (Stroble) did it,” Porter told Inside Edition. ” To be able to remain calm enough… She got 56 kids off a bus in a matter of seconds. And to get them away from the bus, down to the next block, was truly amazing.”

Firefighters from the Duncan Fire Department managed to put out the flames. The cause of the fire still remains unclear. Meanwhile, everyone is grateful for Stroble for being able to save all of the children’s lives.

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