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Buckingham Palace Reacts On Baby Monkey Charlotte

Buckingham Palace Reacts On Baby Monkey Charlotte
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Buckingham Palace Reacts On Baby Monkey Charlotte

Pet owners have the sole discretion with regards to naming their pets, according to the Buckingham Palace. The comments came after many were irked when Japan’s Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden in Oita Prefecture named a baby monkey after her royal highness, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Buckingham Palace’s comment on baby monkey Charlotte

The Buckingham palace has yet to issue its official statement regarding the issue. A spokesperson for the palace, however, granted a comment for Japan’s Kyodo News.

According to the spokesperson, the palace is already aware of the issue. “The naming of an animal is entirely up to the individuals who own it,” the palace’s communications office told Kyodo News.

The Japanese Zoo is said to be in the process of consultation with the British Embassy regarding the matter, Kyodo News reported. The consultation with the embassy is set to happen on Friday as the zoo’s management failed to arrive at a conclusion on Thursday whether it should change the name of the newborn monkey.

Furor over baby monkey Charlotte

Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden has earned criticism when it decided to name a baby monkey after the royal princess Charlotte. The zoo has since received more than 300 calls and email messages from people angry about the decision.

Satoshi Kimoto, a zoo official, said they have not received such negative feedback before.

“We have named hundreds of monkeys but never faced such criticism,” Kimoto told Kyodo News.

According to another zoo official, the name Charlotte was voted by the public.

“The name was publicly solicited and Charlotte suddenly became the most popular choice – with 59 votes out of the total 853 – after the British baby princess’s name was announced. There was no vote for Charlotte before the Monday night announcement,” the official told the AFP.


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