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Bryan Pagliano Whereabouts: Hillary Clinton IT Aide Reportedly Missing

Bryan Pagliano Whereabouts: Hillary Clinton IT Aide Reportedly Missing
Hillary Clinton Testimony to House Select Committee on Benghazi C-SPAN / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

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Bryan Pagliano Whereabouts: Hillary Clinton IT Aide Reportedly Missing

A former technology aide to Hillary Clinton, Bryan Pagliano, was held in contempt of Congress by a House panel after a voting took place on Thursday.

The decision was administered after Pagliano refused to testify regarding the private email set-up the Democratic nominee had used as Secretary of State.

A vote of 19-15 along party lines was cast by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, thus sending a contempt resolution to the full House.

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According to Politico, the stand against Pagliano happened after repeated warnings from his attorney, who said that the showdown was meaningless since the computer specialist would administer his Fifth Amendment rightsto any questions asked to him.

“Subpoenas are not optional,” panel Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said when Pagliano did not show up at the second committee hearing.

“Mr. Pagliano is a crucial fact witness in this committee’s investigation former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s of a private email server to conduct government business.”

It was reported on September 13 that Pagliano, chief tech staffer, defied a subpoena and didn’t show up to avoid testifying against Hillary Clinton. Earlier, Chaffetz said there would be consequences for Pagliano but refused to say what sort punishment was being considered.

Chaffetz said that when one is served with a subpoena from the United States Congress, it is not meant to be optional, as reported by the Washington Times.

Justin Cooper, former Clinton Foundation and Clinton worker who testified against Pagliano, said that he helped buy and set up the first phase of the email server. He said that he also aided in the setup of the domain; however, Cooper stated it was chiefly run by Pagliano.

In June, Breitbart reported that Clinton’s former server technician was implementing his Fifth Amendment right to save himself from self-incrimination, trying to avoid testimonies in federal court for the one hundred and twenty-fifth time.

“The fact Hillary Clinton’s former IT staffer pleaded the Fifth an astounding 125 times is another reminder of how much she has to hide and how serious the FBI’s criminal investigation really is,” Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus stated back then.

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