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Brussels Attacks: Suicide Bombers Caught On CCTV, Manhunt Underway

Brussels Attacks: Suicide Bombers Caught On CCTV, Manhunt Underway
Brussels Terror Attacks


Brussels Attacks: Suicide Bombers Caught On CCTV, Manhunt Underway

The Islamic State has immediately claimed responsibility for a series of terror attacks that occurred in Brussels, which left at least 34 people dead and several more injured. Now, Belgian police have released footage of three individuals in connection with the blasts that occurred in the airport.

The manhunt is now on for at least one of the men seen in the CCTV footage from the airport just moments before the blasts occurred. Three men are seen to be pushing luggage trolleys together, two of them were wearing black gloves on their left hand. The Belgian police are focusing on a man who was seen to be dressed in a white shirt and jacket while sporting a dark hat. It is believed that he escaped the airport after the blasts while the two others died as a result of a possible suicide bombing. Moreover, Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon had told the CNN that this third man left a bomb in the airport, but it did not detonate.

Meanwhile, Belgian officials caught a break in the investigation when the cab driver who took the three men to the airport came forward after seeing the surveillance footage. BBC journalist Kriszta Satori says that the taxi driver recalled that the bombers wouldn’t let him help them with their luggage when he picked them up. Moreover, he gave them the address where he had done the pick up. Inside, Belgian authorities discovered chemical products, a nail bomb and an ISIS flag.

Following the blasts throughout the Belgian capital, ISIS went on to say that the terror attacks were the work of “soldiers of the caliphate” who decided to carry out actions against “the crusader state” of Belgium, according to the AFP.

A statement from ISIS from Islamic State-affiliated Amaq Agency from Heavy reveals that its fighters carried out the attacks in Brussels with “explosive belts and devices.” The main targets had been the Zaventem Airport and the central metro station. The news agency also confirmed that Islamic State fighters did open fire inside the airport prior to detonating their explosives. They are claiming that more than 40 have been killed in the attacks while more than 210 “citizens of crusader nations” have been injured.

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