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‘Bruce’ Back In Caitlyn Jenner? Admits Attraction To Candis Cayne On ‘I Am Cait’

‘Bruce’ Back In Caitlyn Jenner? Admits Attraction To Candis Cayne On ‘I Am Cait’
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‘Bruce’ Back In Caitlyn Jenner? Admits Attraction To Candis Cayne On ‘I Am Cait’

Could the old Bruce be creeping back from within Caitlyn Jenner as far as attraction is concern? In Sunday’s episode of “I Am Cait,” the trans woman was giddy as she talks about her friend Candis Cayne. Later in the confessional, Jenner mulls about dating Cayne in the future.

Blushing over Candis Cayne

In an exclusive clip from E Online, Cait was cornered by her best friend Ronda Kamihira in Sunday’s episode. She was teasing her about Cayne.

“You need a sexy [outfit] for Candis,” Kamihira said to which Jenner blushed immediately. Kamihira’s daughter prods on, asking Jenner to tell more about Cayne.

“We’re not going there… [She’s] a girl that’s going on the trip with us,” Jenner said meaningfully.

“Do you find her attractive?” her best friend pushed.

“She’s a very attractive lady,” Jenner said.

Cait mulls dating friend Cayne

Later, in the confessional, Jenner described Cayne as a “beautiful woman.”

“But as far as dating in the future, I have absolutely no idea,” he said in conclusion.

Cayne to be regular on ‘I Am Cait’

Meanwhile, UK’s tabloid, The Daily Star, reported that fans of “I Am Cait” would be seeing more of Cayne in the coming episodes. According to the tabloid’s source, the rumored couple will have an episode where they will be sharing a “tender” and “emotional” moment.

“Cait was so smitten she insisted on dragging Candis in front of the cameras. They are a very romantic couple and I think viewers will find their kiss tender and emotionally uplifting,” the source revealed as reported by Mirror.

“They work so well together there is every chance she is going to become a regular,” the source tell of Cayne.

The rumors about Jenner and Cayne being a couple started swirling in July when the two were seen practically everywhere – from the annual Gay Pride festival in New York to spas and malls and romantic dinners. According to a report from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Cayne had even dedicated a song for Jenner at one time when asked to perform on stage. According to the people who seen them out and about, the chemistry between the two is just undeniable.


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