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Brittanee Drexel Dead: Teen Gang-raped, Fed To Alligators

Brittanee Drexel Dead: Teen Gang-raped, Fed To Alligators
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Brittanee Drexel Dead: Teen Gang-raped, Fed To Alligators

The FBI has discovered the fate of missing teen Brittanee Drexel. She was abducted and gang-raped before being shot to death. Her body was then thrown in an alligator pit.

Brittanee was only 17 when she went missing in Myrtle Beach back in 2009. Now, seven years later, FBI agent Gerrick Munoz revealed a chilling account of Brittanee’s last moments, based on the statement of a prison inmate who said he was present when she was killed.

According to Munoz, inmate Taquan Brown from Walterboro told investigators that he had gone to a “stash house” in the McClellanville area days after Brittanee was abducted. There, he found the teen girl being sexually abused by Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor, who was 16 at that time. At some point, Brittanee tried to run from the house, but she was reportedly “pistol-whipped” before being taken back inside.

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Afterwards, Brown said he heard two shots being fired, and he immediately assumed Taylor had shot Brittanee. Her body was then wrapped up and taken away. Munoz asked Brown what happened to the young teenager’s body. Munoz told The Post and Courier, “Several witnesses have told us Miss Drexel’s body was placed in a pit, or gator pit, to have her body disposed of. Eaten by the gators.”

Before her death, authorities believed Brittanee was held captive for days. Live 5 News reports that she was held in three places, including McClelanville, North Charleston and Georgetown. While held against her will, Taylor reportedly “showed her off” to friends, “offering her to them and getting a human trafficking situation,” according to Munoz.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s mother, 44-year-old Joan Taylor, doesn’t believe her son has any connection to the murder and disappearance of Brittanee. Her son and her husband are both implicated in the young girl’s case. She now claims the jailhouse confession against Taylor is just the government’s attempt to “pin something else on him.”

A number of alligator ponds have been searched, but no sign of Brittanee’s remains have been found. Munoz says agents have gone through the stash house, presumably in McClellanville. It is unclear if all the supposed stash houses have been searched.

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