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Britney Spears New Album 2016 ‘Glory’ Confirmed: Apple Music, Spotify Release Date Update

Britney Spears New Album 2016 ‘Glory’ Confirmed: Apple Music, Spotify Release Date Update
Pre-order my new album #Glory now! Britney Spears / Facebook


Britney Spears New Album 2016 ‘Glory’ Confirmed: Apple Music, Spotify Release Date Update

Shocking all her fans, Britney Spears has finally announced the release date for her upcoming album “Glory” on Twitter! It comes out in two weeks!

After 3 years of saying away from album launches, Britney Spears is all set to launch an all “new era” with her new album “Glory” that comes out on August 26, 2016.

Along with her surprise Twitter message on Wednesday, which said “My new album & the beginning of a new era. Available 8/26 on@applemusic. Pre-order tonight at midnight ET and get #PrivateShow instantly”, her fans also got a glimpse of her album cover!

The picture is a close-up shot of her face, which her blond hair perfectly hanging around it. Her smoldering look was further accentuated by a white lacy dress and a black choker necklace, reports Mirror. The name of the album appears at the top and her name appears in bold at the bottom.

Britney Spears New Album 2016

The sweet surprise was made even sweeter when the fans were informed of the little extra treat involved for people who pre-ordered the album, reports CNET. Those selective people would receive an opportunity to download an exclusive video of her song “Private Show”!

Even though not much details has been revealed about the “Private show” in question, it is bound to be special and definitely sexy, if the cover art of her recently released single “Make Me” is anything to go by!

Britney Spears New Album ‘Glory’

And if her album “Glory” follows the similar theme as her “Make Me” song, fans can expect to hear a lot of sexual references and what it’s like to love someone in an uninhibited way.

No announcement has as yet been made regarding whether “Glory” would stay an Apple exclusive permanently or eventually make its way to other music-streaming sites such as Spotify.

This is also the second major record collaboration that it has announced since Drake’s “Views” back in April. The first one was, of course, Frank Ocean’s “Boys Don’t Cry” which comes out on 5th August.

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