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Britney Spears Drinking: Partying May Land Her In A Psychiatric Ward Again

Britney Spears Drinking: Partying May Land Her In A Psychiatric Ward Again
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Britney Spears Drinking: Partying May Land Her In A Psychiatric Ward Again

Britney Spears has gotten herself into trouble before due to her addiction to alcohol. Is she about to fall off the wagon again?

Britney Spears has never been fitter as she took the VMAs and later, the Apple iTunes Festival in the UK by a storm. However, she was spotted leaving the London concert looking high like she had been drinking.

In the pictures released in the media, Britney Spears looks like something that the cat dragged in. Her face appears discolored, with bare minimal makeup covering it and her eyes were drooping.

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An insider told Radar Online that Britney is completely in control of her drinking habits at present and only occasionally indulges in “a few drinks now and then”.

How can one forget the psychotic breakdown experienced by the popstar in her teenage years when excessive partying and intoxication had landed her in the psychiatric ward!

She was placed under the authority of her father, Jamie Spears after she was placed in conservatorship. That was then and this is now. Britney Spears has ever since fought to prevent herself from lapsing back to her earlier state.

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“Britney being able to have a drink now and then just shows that she has beat her demons,” further added the source. “It is just one more step to her ending the conservatorship.”

After completing her successful stint at the VMAs, Britney was seen celebrating with a glass of champagne, in a picture she posted on Instagram.

While Britney has taken care to not let things slip too far ever since her drinking habits landed her in rehab in 2009, the recent stream of pictures does not instill much confidence in the “Toxic” singer.

Britney clarified later in an interview with BBC Radio that she had only slept for two hours before the London concert and was also extremely jet lagged, which might explain her less than attractive snaps clicked by the paparazzi.

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