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Britney Spears Mimes Again: Cannot Sing, Report

Britney Spears Mimes Again: Cannot Sing, Report
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Britney Spears Mimes Again: Cannot Sing, Report

Britney Spears decided to lip-sync all her songs during Apple’s iTunes Festival and she is getting blasted by her fans for it!

It seems like Britney Spears did not learn her lesson the first time. After her attempt to mime all through her performance on “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden was met with thunderous remarks from fans, she did the same thing all over again!

After she graced the UK stage after 5 years, on the eve of Apple’s iTunes Festival, Spears decided to go with a pre-recorded stream of her songs, while singer like Robbie Williams, Elton John and Bastille performed on the same stage Live.

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In her one and a half hour long segment, she rarely sang into her microphones she moved her body to numbers like “Baby One More Time”, “I’m A Slave 4 U” and “Toxic”, making one wonder is her mouthpiece was just a prop.

Not surprisingly, the pop star found enough time to change her clothes eight times during her entire stage performance!

The reason that people could pick up the fact that she was miming and not actually singing was because even her mime was sloppy and out of sync.

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When asked about why she decided to with lip-syncing instead of singing Live, Britney gave the following excuse to Radio 1:

“It was so different from the setup I have in Vegas, so I was thrown off a little bit, and the jet lag… I was kooky the day before. I slept for two hours. I was a little spacey because I was kind of out of it because it was so different.”

Things just went from bad to worse as Spears awkwardly bailed on performing a back-flip on stage, during her performance, something that was caught on tape, reports Daily Mail.

Referring to her second mishap, Britney said that the backup dancer was a first-timer and even though he was a strong-built man, she felt “scared” and ultimately decided to pull out at the last second.

Here is how angry and disgusted fans reacted on Twitter:

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