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British Luxury Department Store Sells 24K Gold-Plated Xbox One

British Luxury Department Store Sells 24K Gold-Plated Xbox One


British Luxury Department Store Sells 24K Gold-Plated Xbox One

Do you love gold? Now, people like you would not have to wish for Mida’s touch to turn your favorite things into gold. Interestingly, many of the latest and most popular gadgets today are turning into gold. This means that those items are being released in gold version.

If you are a loyal and diehard fan of Microsoft Corp’s Xbox One, you could be up for a special treat this holiday shopping season. Harrods, the British luxury department store, is now selling a unique gold-plated version of the new gaming console.

Microsoft and Harrods did not have to make formal announcements for the product. The consumers are generating the buzz themselves about it. The 24-carat gold item does not come cheaply, as expected. Buyers who intend to purchase a unit of the special edition Xbox One should invest £6,000 (about $9,785).

That’s not all about it. You should act fast or else, you might not be able to find and buy one. According to media sources, the special edition gold Xbox One would only be available until supplies last. That is because from the start, it has always been a limited-edition system.

Customizing the items

The gaming console is the same one manufactured and released by Microsoft. However, the gold plating was customized by Crystal Rocked, a popular customization firm in the region. Don’t expect everything in the console to be of gold. Buyers would still have to use the standard controller, just like anyone else that plays Xbox One.

Gold has become a very popular color among tech products and consumers these days. The craze was started when Apple Inc released a gold version of its latest smartphone, iPhone 5S. A few weeks after, rival Samsung Electronics released its own Galaxy Note 3 in rose gold. HTC, on the other hand, released its limited-edition HTC One gold, which is worth $4,422.

Harrods and its unique offerings

Harrods is known for coming up with such unique items. Those who dislike gold may try other colors in products available in the department store. The retailer is also selling Swarovski iPad Air for about $2,598. The gold plated headphones from Beats by Dr Dre are available at $2,419.

Xbox One is undoubtedly a popular videogame console. It was released a week after rival Sony’s PlayStation 4 was released. Xbox One reportedly sold 1 million consoles in its first day alone.

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