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‘British Got Talent’ Alum Susan Boyle Freaks Everyone Out In Airport

‘British Got Talent’ Alum Susan Boyle Freaks Everyone Out In Airport
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‘British Got Talent’ Alum Susan Boyle Freaks Everyone Out In Airport

“I’ve done nothing wrong” these were the words repeatedly screamed by “Britain’s Got Talent” alum, Susan Boyle, during a public meltdown at the Heathrow Airport. What caused the meltdown was still unclear.

The Britain’s Got Talent star was reportedly in a heated showdown with an airport staff member at the British Airways lounge. The scene shocked the people in the airport before she was escorted by the police off the area.

According to Daily Star, Boyle seemed irritated and confused during the dispute and was repeatedly screaming, “I’ve done nothing wrong.” Witnesses of the incident described Boyle’s meltdown a tantrum. Reasons on what caused the argument between her and the staff was still unknown.

According to The Sun, one witness said, “There was a massive commotion and everyone was looking at her. Nobody knows what started the argument but I was told it was something small that spiralled out of control.”

An Met police spokesman said, “Police were called at 1.20pm to a lounge in T5 Heathrow to reports of a distressed woman.” The spokesman also added, “Officers attended and spoke to the woman after concerns to her health and well-being.”

With reports that she had been hospitalized after the meltdown incident, a representative of Boyle said, “Susan is currently recovering and on her way home to Scotland by other means.”

This is not the first time that Boyle acted this way in an airport. There were two similar incidents before this current one. Earlier this month, she horrified travellers at the Derry Airport in Northern Ireland. At the incident, she screamed “help me,” raising concerns for the star’s mental wellbeing.

Another SuBo incident at the Heathrow Airport happened on 2010 at the airport’s VIP lounge when she started dancing around the area and sang into a mop that she grabbed from a cleaner. And she was actually saying,  “I’ve escaped, I’ve escaped” when she flee the lounge as the British Airways staff tried to calm her down from her sudden weird performance.

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