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Brink Of War: US Weapons Target Russia In Syria

Brink Of War: US Weapons Target Russia In Syria


Brink Of War: US Weapons Target Russia In Syria

Russia has been scrutinized constantly for its efforts in Syria but it appears the United States is now in hot water. According to a new report, US weapons allegedly targeted Russians in the region. Apart from the tensions, there are also World War 3 concerns as Turkey proclaims entry into the Syrian conflict.

CIA-backed Free Syrian Army militia recently released a footage showing laser-guided BGM-71 TOWs anti-tank missile attacking a rooftop containing uniformed personnel. According to a report from the Daily Beast, there is strong evidence suggesting that U.S.-armed rebels utilized American-supplied weapons system to take out a number of Russian military officials stationed in Syria. The report also said that the attack took place likely in Latakia where Russian military campaign has intensified since. Information came from Syrian opposition reporting, open-source intelligence and other Russian sources. All information presented has reportedly proved killing of Russian officials.

The report also said that the puzzle was further completed by information from the Northern Division. “The Anti-Aircraft Battalion affiliated with the Northern Division got information from the battalion commander that some Russians were scouting in the Turkmen Mountains. We took the [TOW] base and, following the reconnaissance mission, we found a number of Russian soldiers gathered on the rooftop of a building. I dealt with them and one of the dead was a high-ranking Russian officer, alongside some Russian officers and Syrian officers,” said one officer on camera.

Munitions provision is highly controlled and limited. For instance, Saudi Arabia supplies the TOWs directly from purchased US stocks. The end-user agreement lets the West veto on who gets to use their arms.

To add up to Russia’s concerns, Turkey is poised to enter the Syrian conflict. According to Washington Times, Turkey already hinted that it will be joining the Syrian war specifically siding with the anti-Assad forces – the group which Russia has been campaigning against. “We don’t want to fall into the same mistake in Syria as in Iraq,” said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “It’s important to see the horizon. What’s going on in Syria can only go on for so long. At some point it has to change,” he added. As to whether Turkey will really enter the conflict, Erdogan has this to say: “You don’t talk about these things. When necessary, you do what’s needed. Right now our security forces are prepared for all possibilities.”

Morning News USA has been consistent in its coverage of the war happening in Syria that political analysts believed to already be a proxy World War 3. The U.S. and Russia relations had been worse since the Ukraine crisis erupted in March 2015, not to mention that they are old time foes since the Cold War era.

The two nations had been avoiding direct confrontation but the minute Russia joined the fight against ISIS in support of president Bashar al-Assad, miscalculations are imminent. With Russia pulverizing all terrorist organizations fighting Mr. Assad – including Pentagon-trained Syria oppositions – the situation in Syria is tantamount in saying that Russia and U.S. are the ones pitted against each other in the region. The Pentagon had been training Syrian oppositions that constitute the New Syrian Forces fighting the Assad regime. And if Russia is targeting groups fighting against President al-Assad, then the situation is tantamount to Russia and U.S. conducting strikes against each other. U.S. has the responsibility to protect the U.S.-backed Syrian opposition. Russia is vocal of its support to President al-Assad. To make matter worse, Turkey, a strong US and NATO ally, downed a Russian bomber in November.

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