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Bridesmaid Stops Photo Shoot, Saves Drowning Gosling Instead

Bridesmaid Stops Photo Shoot, Saves Drowning Gosling Instead
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Bridesmaid Stops Photo Shoot, Saves Drowning Gosling Instead

A bridesmaid stopped and abandoned the wedding photos when she jumped into the lake to rescue a gosling from being drowned by a black swan.

Faye West noticed the swan taking away and drowning the gosling when the official wedding photos of her sister, Hannah West, and Mark Jeffries were being taken. The wedding party were getting their pictures taken on the lawn at Dumbleton Hall near Evesham, Worcestershire, with the lake in question being in the background.

Faye immediately kicked off her heels and dove straight into the lake when she spotted the gosling being stolen away from its parents. The swan was trying to kill the gosling. As reported by the Sun, Faye pulled the swan away from the scared gosling and returned the baby bird to safety.

The rest of the day passed without a mishap for the wedded couple. “It is making us newlyweds smile during a week where we are breathing a big sigh of relief that the big day went well and with no gosling fatalities in the photos,” Mark said.

Wedding photographer Rosie Hardy photographed the incident and shared it on Facebook. “Shot my first wedding of the spring yesterday with Adam Bird supporting, knew it was gonna be difficult with everything going on,” Hardy wrote on Facebook. “Didn’t, however, expect a bridesmaid to jump into the lake mid-formals to save a baby gosling being stolen from its parents and drowned by a big black nasty swan! Faith in humanity: restored. What a hero!”

Meanwhile, as reported by the Gloucester Citizen, Faye will be getting married in September. “I don’t think there’s a lake at her venue though,” her brother-in-law jokingly said.

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