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Bride Marries High School Sweetheart After Becoming Quadriplegic

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Bride Marries High School Sweetheart After Becoming Quadriplegic

Even after a tragic accident, Anna Claire Waldrop was determined to remain positive about everything. In fact, she didn’t even think about pushing her wedding date even as she faced a tough road to recovery.

It was Valentine’s Day last year when tragedy struck. Anna Claire and her then fiance James “Jimbo” Waldrop had been on the way home from a party. Suddenly, a car started speeding up from behind them. What happened next played out like a scene from an action movie.

“He hit my side of the car and Jimbo flew through the sunroof. I stayed in the car, which flipped four times,” Anna Claire told People. While Jimbo managed to survive the accident practically unscathed, Anna Claire was not as lucky. Instead, she became a quadriplegic just nine months before their wedding.

Around that time, the plans were already in place. Anna Claire had grown quite anxious. “I was very scared. I wondered ‘Will I ever be happy again?'” the 24-year-old admitted. But instead of letting the circumstances ruin her wedding plans, Anna Claire decided she would keep going. “But the thought of my upcoming wedding was motivation to get better,” she explained.

And so, Anna Claire wasted no time trying to recover from the accident as much as possible. She started therapy at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta just a month after the accident. According to the Shepherd Center, Anna Claire had suffered a devastating spinal cord injury. When she came in, she was unable to move her left arm. She also suffered a dislocated left shoulder. Meanwhile, there was absolutely no movement in her legs. “I remember nurses and my family talking at the hospital about how with my kinds of injuries, you never know how long it will take to come back,” Anna Claire recalled.

Anna Claire was motivated to keep going despite her injury.

Nonetheless, Anna Claire was determined to make some improvements soon. She recalled being “extremely motivated” at that time. She also didn’t bother to change her wedding date, thinking it would motivate her to keep taking therapy. “I knew my wedding was coming up and I didn’t want to change the date, it pushed me to recover,” Anna Claire said. At the same time, Jimbo also did all he could to keep her fiance’s spirits up. “I never once saw him getting upset, I mean he was just always strong and positive,” she said.

On the day of their wedding, Anna Claire looked like the happiest bride in the world. She may have walked down the aisle in a wheelchair but she looked amazing nonetheless. After months of therapy, there was some good news as well. Anna Claire has a better hand grip now. She could also wiggle her toes again.

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