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Brexit Vote: Only The Elites Benefit From Referendum – Report

Brexit Vote: Only The Elites Benefit From Referendum – Report
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Brexit Vote: Only The Elites Benefit From Referendum – Report

Brexit has been a controversial idea for many and new analysis suggests that leaving the EU will not assure increase in wages, cap on rents and improvements in NHS services. However, the elite stands to benefit more and legendary investor George Soros warns of other threats connected to the Brexit.

Brexit is a Disaster

A report from The Guardian argues that the Brexit is a fake revolt. The report liked the Brexit to a scam to which many people have fallen for.

“So, to people getting ready for the mother of all revolts on Thursday, I want to point out the crucial difference between a real revolt and a fake one. The elite do not usually lead the real ones. In a real revolt, the rich and powerful usually head for the hills, terrified. Nor are the Sun and the Daily Mail usually to be found egging on a real insurrection,” wrote Paul Mason.

“But, all over Britain, people have fallen for the scam. In the Brexit referendum, we’ve seen what happens when working-class culture gets hijacked – and when the party that is supposed to be defending working people just cannot find the language or the offer to separate a fake revolt from a real one,” he added.

According to Mason, that leaving would be a disaster. There is a big problem at hand and for the working class, wages have hit the rock bottom and employers are nowhere any help but Brexit is a fake revolt that does not seem to help those wanting change.

UK Will Be in Shambles

Legendary investor George Soros also agrees to the grave consequences that could ensue for Britain if it leaves the EU. Soros made a fortune previously when he bet against the pound back in 1992 during a Black Wednesday. Vote Leave, on the other hand, claims that UK will flourish if it is outside the EU.

“The EU is costly, bureaucratic and blind to the impact it has had on people’s wages and soaring energy bills,” BBC quoted Vote Leave chief executive Matthew Elliott. The official also accused Soros of preferring to bestow more power to Brussels.

Soros predicts that sterling fall would be at least 15 percent and could over 20 percent.

“The value of the pound would decline precipitously,” he wrote.

“It would also have an immediate and dramatic impact on financial markets, investment, prices and jobs.”

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