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Brexit News: Votes Rigged, UK Government Working With MI5, Report

Brexit News: Votes Rigged, UK Government Working With MI5, Report
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Brexit News: Votes Rigged, UK Government Working With MI5, Report

It has been reported that the Brexit EU referendum is rigged, while a lot of people are thinking that it has been infiltrated by the MI5.

People are also suggesting that BBC and ITN are acting as chief conspirators in order to fix the results.

There is a revelation that a grave loss of trust towards institutions and their handling of Thursday’s votes can be seen, according to a surprising YouGov poll.

The “Leave” supporters are the ones who are more suspicious. Nearly half of those supporting Brexit are of the impression that it can be “true.” They share the opinion that the outcome had already been determined.

Since the beginning, Leave campaigners have complained about the struggle to overcome the pro-Europe “Establishment.” They lamented over the £9 million mailshot of state-endorsed “facts,” and over the defection of former Cabinet minister Sayeeda Warsi.

The survey reported that 28 percent of supporters of the Leave campaign believe that the government is working with security agency MI5 to fix the votes. The survey also showed that 16 percent of Remain supporters believe the same thing.

According to News Week, campaigners have given a go signal to wanton speculation in many cases. They have doubted and questioned the interests of almost anyone in a position of power.

The government site crashed early June, and due to that, the voter registration deadline was extended.

Since then, it had been rigorously reported that senior Leave campaigners started suspecting that someone had deliberately administered the dispute.

British Prime Minister David Cameron had requested voters of his age and older to think of the repercussions of a Brexit. He chiefly asked voters to think about what could happen to future generations. Cameron directly urged the voters to vote to stay inside the European Union in Thursday’s referendum, said CNN.

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