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Breaking News: Facebook to Launch ‘Breaking News’ Notification App

Breaking News: Facebook to Launch ‘Breaking News’ Notification App


Breaking News: Facebook to Launch ‘Breaking News’ Notification App

Social media platforms are like celebrities. The one who is on top today might be replaced overnight by someone else. This constant fear of being replaced by another networking site is the drive behind delivering something new to the users almost every other day.

Recently, Facebook started a direct message system for businesses for better connectivity between brands and their fans. Now, it is a Breaking News notification feature that Facebook  is working on. This can said to be a step towards diverting even Twitter fans to Facebook.

How will the App deliver the news?

All users have to do is subscribe to publishers of their choice in the news feed. That’s all! You will then get a notification about the breaking news from those publishers within 100 characters with a link to the story in your notifications.

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How will it help users?

There are rarely Facebook users. With even the cheapest of phones offering you Facebook on the device, we have only Facebook addicts today. This social media site being your companion will deliver breaking news to you instantly without you having to visit different apps of different publications to stay updated. Imagine: there is a storm on its way to where you are heading and the site notifies it instantly. Will you change your route or prefer to sit at home? This is how the breaking news notification app will help you.

The app is also going to give immense traffic to publications benefiting the publishers in every sense.

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When can you expect the app to be launched?

Facebook has not commented on the story yet. But the app is said to be in alpha mode.

How much money the networking site and publishers make from this app and how well would users accept this app? Only time will tell.

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