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Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash Survivor Gelson Merisio: Why He Missed Doomed Flight

Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash Survivor Gelson Merisio: Why He Missed Doomed Flight
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Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash Survivor Gelson Merisio: Why He Missed Doomed Flight

There were four people who were due to board the LaMia flight. However, they made last minute changes and avoided the Brazilian soccer team plane crash. One of them was Gelson Merisio.

Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash: Survivor Gelson Merisio

Merisio is a state legislator for Santa Catarina. He is a die hard fan of the Brazilian football club.

He had made arrangements to travel with the players. In addition, he wanted to watch them take on Atletico Nacional, the first leg of its Copa Sudamericana final.

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According to CNN, the 50-year-old state legislator was quite excited about the upcoming game. However, he had to change his plans in the end due to work related issues.

“I want to be clear, that while I was scheduled to fly on the plane with the team, I opted not to do it due to work obligations this week,” he wrote on Facebook.

“I confess that I am very impacted and touched. The information are not yet you need, so let’s follow along with the heart tight.”

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When Merisio learned that the crash was severe, he paid tribute to those who lost their lives. He also wrote that strength must be given to families of the players, the technical committee and the journalists who were on board with team.

Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash: Others Who Missed The Flight

Journalist Ivan Carlos Agnoletto was supposed to be on the flight as well. However, he gave up his seat for colleague Gelson Galliotto.

Galliotto had always wanted to cover a huge game. Agnoletto said that there was still extreme pain for him to think about if God would have saved him.

“When I told Gelson Galiotto the news that he could go in my place, he could not believe it: ‘Really? I’m really going?’ It was his dream.” Agnoletto said.

Luciano Buligon, the mayor of Chapeco along with Plinio David de Nes Filho, the president of the club’s board, were also on the passenger list. However, they skipped the flight to join a meeting in Sao

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