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Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash: Flight That Killed 76 People Didn’t Have Enough Fuel

Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash: Flight That Killed 76 People Didn’t Have Enough Fuel
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Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash: Flight That Killed 76 People Didn’t Have Enough Fuel

The Brazilian soccer team plane crash took more than 70 lives. The plane was reportedly low on fuel, but is that the real reason for the crash?

Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash: Fuel Caused Crashed?

On Tuesday, airline LAMIA’s director disclosed that the pilot of the plane could have filled up the aircraft with extra fuel. This made several people believe that the lack of fuel was the cause.

General Gustavo Vargas, director of LAMIA, revealed the plane’s itinerary and list of protocols before it crashed.

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According to Panam Post, significant information from the ongoing investigation is not yet released. Nonetheless, authorities are considering the angle that due to the fuel, the plane wasn’t able to reach the landing strip.

However, flight experts believe the plane was traveling with enough fuel.

Furthermore, the director stated that the pilot didn’t fulfill the established requirements for that particular flight path. The pilot was supposed to fly to Cobija, Bolivia from Santa Cruz. From here, the pilot would take the plane to Medellín.

In contrast, the pilot went directly to Medellín.

“It was night. And coming from Brazil made that even more complicated,” Vargas said. “But in hindsight, if the pilot continued toward Medellín it’s because he had the ability to do so.”

Vargas said that the fuel was never the problem. This is because the same aircraft had made trips between Santa Cruz and Medellín on two other situations.

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The flight could have been redirected to Bogota for refilling. Accordingly, Vargas added that if the flight was low on fuel, the pilot could have flown it to Bogota for a refill.

The Bogota airport was on the flight plan for some reason, said Vargas. He added that if the pilot was not low on fuel, there’s a different cause.

Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash: Investigation Ongoing

Meanwhile, Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) confirmed that the plane crashed on the municipality of La Ceja. Furthermore, it was discovered that the aircraft had requested an emergency landing.

In addition, the LAMIA pilot said he was going through electrical difficulties before the radio went silent, reported Reuters. However, after this, contact with the aircraft was eventually lost.

According to AV Herald, investigators are looking into the crash, flight data and information. But the head of the team said there is “no evidence of fuel in the aircraft.”

As of now, the CCAA reported that both cockpit voice and flight data recorder have been recovered. The investigators stated that both boxes were in “perfect condition.”

Flight 2933 had been recorded to have gone through 31 accidents involving the BAe-146 aircraft since 1987, as reported by the Telegraph.

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