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Brazilian Soccer Team Crash Survivor Alejandro Martinuccio: Why He Wasn’t On Board

Brazilian Soccer Team Crash Survivor Alejandro Martinuccio: Why He Wasn’t On Board
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Brazilian Soccer Team Crash Survivor Alejandro Martinuccio: Why He Wasn’t On Board

A horrifying plane crash claimed the lives of a majority of the players from a Brazilian soccer team on Monday. Chapecoense forward Alejandro Martinuccio is one of the nine players who wasn’t onboard the plane that crashed in Columbia leaving 77 dead.

The nine squad members, including the team’s 23rd player, Martinuccio, expressed their shock and dismay about the startling loss. “It’s a very difficult time. I got up with this news. I am very sad,” Alejandro said.

The team was to face Atletico Nacional in the finals of the Copa Sudamericana Cup this week.

Alejandro Martinuccio: A Narrow Escape

On being asked why he wasn’t on the plane with the team, the player cited a leg injury he received a month and a half ago as the reason. The player reportedly underwent a surgery on his right knee keeping him off the field, according to VOA News.

That being said, the surgery turned out to be a boon for the forward player, which saved more than just his knee.

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“If I’d been healthy, I would have gone to the match,” said Martinuccio. “The fact that I wasn’t there, it’s very tough. It’s too much for my head.”

The Lucky Eight

The eight others who were not on the LaMia charter plane were goalkeepers Marcelo Boeck and Nivalvo, defenders Demerson and Rafael Lima and midfielders Andrei, Moisés, Neném, and Hyoram, as reported by International Business Times.

Meanwhile, the crash survivors include two crew members of the charter plane crashed into a wooded hillside outside Medellin, a journalist and three members of the Chapecoense squad.

As the forward and other team members waited for more news to come in, players in the changing room were seen lighting candles for their teammates.

“This club is wonderful, some first class teammates,” said Martinuccio. “Let’s hope God has a miracle.”

“All I can say is that they pray for my companions who were on the trip,” he further added.

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