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Brand Update: A Whole Lot Of New Products On Samsung List

Brand Update: A Whole Lot Of New Products On Samsung List


Brand Update: A Whole Lot Of New Products On Samsung List

Joining the latest trend of smartwatches, Samsung is said to be soon launching its first round-faced watch. Not just a watch – the brand is going to add a premium tablet computer, also on its way.

Here is a list of products that Samsung will soon be launching:

  1. Redesigned Galaxy Note
  2. Galaxy Note 5
  3. Galaxy S6 Edge+
  4. Two phablets

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These are just a few on the list. Many other excellent products are in the pipeline. Rumors say that the brand is working on Samsung Galaxy S7 which can be the most powerful smartphone ever launched. If rumors are to be believed, the whole world would be looking forward to it.

Samsung may launch this phone in February next year. The device is also said to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 which can boost the device’s performance by 40 percent.

Talking about the new launches, Foad Fadaghi, Managing Director, said, “Samsung has always shown that it has a preference to get out in front when it comes to new product launches, whether it’s with smart watches or even with its previous phone models, trying to get out in front of the competition. That has been its strategy.”

Now that sounds to be very competitive. The company also believes that every product needs to be launched with not only better, but bigger upgrades, as today is the time when your new product is only better than the previous one.

We agree; in this highly competitive technology world, you need to keep challenging yourself to sustain.

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