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‘BrainDead’ Premiere Review: American Congress Governed By Alien Ants!

‘BrainDead’ Premiere Review: American Congress Governed By Alien Ants!
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‘BrainDead’ Premiere Review: American Congress Governed By Alien Ants!

CBS was never known to pick up satirical comedy, but it has finally broken its traditional routine and ventured into political satire that involves alien ants!

From the creators of “Good Wife” comes this new, and frankly weird, dark comedy, “BrainDead,” which focuses on the world of politics, especially the ever-raging battle between the Republicans and the Democrats.

Among the sea of new shows finding its way onto the small screen, establishing shocking elements from the first episode is of the utmost importance to survive in the long run. “BrainDead” accomplishes this easily in its premiere episode.

‘BrainDead’ Premiere

The story begins with Laurel Healy, daughter of a former senator, sent to Washington DC to assist her brother, a present senator. Healy is an observant documentary filmmaker herself, who soon grows curious when she notices the changes in people’s demeanor when they come in contact with an alien meteor. The meteor in question was shipped from Russia to be researched on in the Smithsonian.

However, the budget bill fails to pass in the Congress due to a disagreement between the Democrats and the Republicans. As a result, the Smithsonian can no longer afford to pay security guards. This allows the alien ants inside the meteor to escape and infect people’s minds, including the government officials’.

The Guardian has branded “BrainDead” as “a self-aware TV B-movie,” with an insane plot that works because none of the characters take it seriously, hence emphasizing its comic element.

Aaron Tveit, who plays Gareth Ritter, explained why he thinks “BrainDead” is different from other CBS dramas, in an interview with E! Online:

“I think it’s a bit of escapism. Anything that’s kind of heightened or larger than life can be a way to kind of look at what’s actually happening and laugh at it. And just separate yourself from it. That’s what’s great about these summer series, to just go on this little ride and see how it goes. With this, the reality is so kind of tough and depressing that if you can find anyway to laugh at it is good, so hopefully people can use this to laugh at it.”

Despite what the genre of the show might suggest, it is not looking to take any political stance. “I think if there is a political statement it’s about what extremism can do to basically prohibit things happening in government,” added Tveit.

“BrainDead” airs on CBS on Mondays and will have 13 episodes in its first season.

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