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Braggadocious Trump: Synonyms, Pronunciation And Origin Of The Word

Braggadocious Trump: Synonyms, Pronunciation And Origin Of The Word
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Braggadocious Trump: Synonyms, Pronunciation And Origin Of The Word

The linguistics community has gone gaga when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump used an unfamiliar word, “braggadocious,” during a face-off with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton Monday.

The issue stemmed from a part of the debate where Trump said he is not going to discuss his income in a “braggadocious” way. But apparently, the New York billionaire used the wrong word, and this does not sit well with a renowned dictionary maker. It is pronounced as “bra-gah-dough-shoes” in plain English.

Merriam-Webster Came in

Merriam-Webster was quick to give instant and unsolicited vocabulary tutorial for Trump, who apparently meant “braggadocio.” But Ted Cruz also used the same word in May, when he attempted to secure his party’s nomination, Heavy reported.

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In a tweet Monday evening, Merriam-Webster corrected Trump’s use of the adjective, which simply means overly proud, bragging in excess, but it was real, according to

Origin of Braggadocious

The word originated from mock-Italian braggadocio, which means “idle boaster.” It appeared that it was not the first time Trump used the same word on the campaign trail, and he seemed fond of using the word, Entertainment Weekly reported.

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Trump’s use of the word braggadocious, when he’s supposed to use braggadocio, has overshadowed some of the highlights of the debate, which was the first time the two candidates squared off in a national debate face-to-face.

This also sparked an online discussion with some netizens making fun of Trump’s inappropriate usage of the word in a formal occasion as big as a national debate.

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