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Brady Vs Manning: A Brief History

Brady Vs Manning: A Brief History
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Brady Vs Manning: A Brief History

Brady Vs Manning: This is a rivalry comparable to Bird vs Magic and Ali vs Frazier. And blessed football fans will see it for the last time this Sunday.

Brady Vs Manning: This is a rivalry comparable to Bird vs Magic, Ali vs Frazier and Nadal vs Federer. And blessed football fans will see it for possibly the last time ever this weekend.

This legendary clash between two of the greatest quarterbacks – or perhaps the two greatest quarterbacks in NFL history – takes place for the 17th time when the Denver Broncos host the New England Patriots in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

The Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning rivalry is so big, there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to it. And most football fans of this generation have been lucky enough to witness it over the last two decades.

They have faced off four times in the playoffs before. Having shared two victories apiece, the stakes couldn’t be any higher going into their fifth and final postseason match-up.

Over the years, the supporting casts have changed. Manning, 39, has even switched teams. Here, we look back at their four previous playoff match-ups.

2003 AFC Championship
Result: Patriots Won 24-14
Highlight: Manning intercepted four times, a career playoff high

2004 AFC Divisional Playoffs
Result: Patriots Won 20-3
Highlight: Patriots hold onto the ball for 38 minutes, putting Manning on a tight leash

2006 AFC Championship
Result: Colts Won 38-34
Highlight: Manning reaches first Super Bowl in comeback victory (after trailing 21-3)

2013 AFC Championship
Result: Broncos Won 26-16
Highlight: Brady fails to get into end zone until fourth quarter. By then, it was too late.

Under the Bill Belichick era, the tide has turned towards Brady (even though Manning owns two of the recent most victories). Who will have the last laugh?

Brady is 38. Manning is 39. This might not be the clash of titans in peak form. But both have overcome recent controversies to reach this stage. On Monday, the New York Daily News mocked both quarterbacks with a unique perspective (watch below).

Brady Vs Manning: Stay tuned for the latest.

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