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Brad Pitt Trying To Woo Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie Worried?

Brad Pitt Trying To Woo Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie Worried?
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Brad Pitt Trying To Woo Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie Worried?

Brad Pitt, ever the charmer, is allegedly trying to get the attention of Cara Delevingne. The 52-year-old star is said to be in the quest to win the lady. Should Angelina Jolie be worried?

Apparently not. Brad Pitt is keen on getting the attention of Delevingne not for any reason other than to get her as a leading lady for one of his movies. Reportedly, the film company Plan B Entertainment wants Delevingne to be the leading lady in one of Pitt’s movies. Pitt is one of the owners of Plan B, and according to Radar Online, he is certain Delevingne is great for the company’s talent pool.

Delevingne has achieved a lot at 23, but Pitt allegedly thinks he can make her career even greater. An insider stated, “Brad thinks Cara’s talents haven’t been explored properly and he wants to take her under his wing.” The insider added, “He’s hoping she might sign an ongoing deal with his company.”

Reports also suggest that Pitt has already offered her a role in the “World War Z” sequel. However, she had to reject the offer due to scheduling problems. Still, Pitt is not ready to give up, and he is continuously courting the lady to say yes.

Pitt really sees a potential in Delevingne. Not only does he sees her as a great actress, he also believes she can bean award-winning one. That is why he is keen on investing on her and her acting. “He’s opened his contacts book to her and given her numbers of the best acting teachers in Hollywood,” the source said. “He really thinks she’s got what it takes to win an Oscar one day,” the source added. Now, that’s quite a big deal.

Even though it seems Pitt is only interested in Delevingne for professional reasons, many believe Jolie should still be worried. Rumors of her and Pitt’s marriage being on the rocks continue to swirl. Pitt becoming close to Delevingne may aggravate the rocky situation between them. Jolie’s health might not cope with more drama and stress.

InTouch magazine (via Gossip Cop) reported last week that the 40-year-old actress has become “pale, gaunt, and exhausted” as her health “has only gotten worse as her relationship with [Pitt] deteriorates.”

The source evens told In Touch that “the strain of fighting with him and their impending divorce have sapped her strength and caused her to lose even more weight.” If things do not change soon, Jolie might have an emotional breakdown.

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