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BPA Found In Del Monte, Campbell & Canned Products Sold In Target, Walmart

BPA Found In Del Monte, Campbell & Canned Products Sold In Target, Walmart
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BPA Found In Del Monte, Campbell & Canned Products Sold In Target, Walmart

A large percentage of caning materials for some products from two of the leading packed food producers in the world, Del Monte and Campbell, tested positive for BPA, a chemical that’s been linked to health-threatening diseases.

A total of 192 randomly selected cans from select supermarkets in Canada and the 19 US states showed traces of BPA. This, despite the earlier pronouncements from various companies that they are already abandoning its BPA-free can linings, following the heightened concerns over its negative effects to health.

For several decades now, BPA or Bisphenol, is the mainstay chemical used by most food products companies in their can linings. But recent studies showed that products and any materials made with BPA increase the risk of cancer, the Natural Resources Defense Council reported.

The study, published by the Breast Cancer Fund, showed that all of the cans of products from Campbell contained BPA, while 70 percent of Del Monte’s randomly picked products showed cans containing BPA. Furthermore, BPA was also found in private-label cans sold at both Target and Walmart, the largest grocery retailer in the country.

In light of the controversy, Del Monte’s vice president of research and development Scott Butler said beginning in May, the company will no longer be using can linings made with BPA and instead, will only be using BPA-free canning materials, the Mercury News reported. “It’s something we’ve been working on for five to seven years, and it’s been a complex journey to find alternatives that would meet our quality guidelines,” Butler was quoted as saying by the news outlet.

The company noted that moving to BPA-free canning materials was a complex move. In fact, it took them years in order to develop alternative materials that would allow them to totally abandon the use of can linings made with BPA.

The company’s decision came after the clamor for BPA-free products have intensified over the past years as new studies confirm a possible link between a high level of BPA to cancer, brain damage, and even hormonal irregularities.

Joining Del Monte in the BPA-free campaign is Campbell’s Soup Co., which also decided to abandon the use of packing materials tainted with BPA. The company is one of the leading producers of canned food products in the country.

Some of its leading products are gravies, soups, pasta, and broth products, among others. Unlike Del Monte, Campbell has already started using BPA-free can linings starting this year, the report noted.

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