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Boy Tangled In Giant Kite Falls To Death

Boy Tangled In Giant Kite Falls To Death
Image from Flickr by Jonas


Boy Tangled In Giant Kite Falls To Death

HCMC by Jonas

Image from Flickr by Jonas

A giant kite measuring 15 meters in width had lifted 65 feet in the air a 5-year-old boy, who fell soon after. The child, Van Minh Dat, plunged to his death when he failed to grab a string that might have saved his life. The unfortunate accident happened on March 15 in Ho Chi Minh City.


Witnesses told ThanhNien news that the kite was being flown by members of the Saigon Kite Club. Due to erratic wind, the giant kite kept falling, with club members pulling it up in the air each time. At one point, the kite had fallen to the ground, hitting tables and chairs near the stall where the kid sold beverages with his mother.

His feet got tangled in the strings, pulling him up when the kite soared through the air approximately 65 feet from the ground. According to witnesses, Dat tried to grab a string for dear life but failed. He soon fell to the ground.

Eye Witness

“Everyone was looking at them because the kite had fallen to the ground a couple of times as the weather was a bit erratic, and one of the lines that snagged a table near the drinks stand knocked over some chairs as well. Dat had run over to pick up some of the fallen soft drink bottles and his leg got tangled in the kite string which just then took off when it was hit by strong winds,” Dat’s aunt said as she recalled the horrific incident, reported by the New York Post.

Saigon Kite Club members said they have assigned someone to stop kids from coming near the kites. Investigation is still ongoing.

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