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Boy Receives Full Police Escort On His Way Home From 3-Month Stay In The Hospital

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Boy Receives Full Police Escort On His Way Home From 3-Month Stay In The Hospital

After staying at the hospital for three months, one young boy is ready to go home. And when the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department heard about this, they decided they would celebrate the boy’s homecoming in style.

“One of Drake’s favorite things is police officers. So after a couple phone calls, #IMPD along with our fellow Law Enforcement Officers ‘answered the call’,” the police department said in a statement.

11-year-old Drake Price has been staying at the Riley Hospital for Children since February. It all started with the young boy experiencing flu and migraine symptoms for a number of weeks. And then, his condition took a turn for the worse. Drake suffered a stroke.

From A Stroke To A Brain Tumor

Unfortunately, the bad news kept coming for Drake’s family soon after. “The doctors tried sending us home but my wife insisted they do a CT scan to find out why. That’s when we found out he had a baseball-sized tumor on his brain attached to everything critical in his brain.” The tumor was said to be the size of a baseball. Moreover, it may have been benign, but that didn’t mean that Drake could return home anytime soon. Instead, the young boy ended up staying at the hospital for several more months.

As he remained in the hospital, Drake learned to keep his spirits up by talking about his dream. Specifically, he kept talking about wanting to become a police officer one day. Soon, the men and women of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department found out about his dreams. And when they found out he was finally getting out of the hospital, they thought he would do something special for an aspiring police officer.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department gives Drake a big coming home party.

As Drake prepared to leave the hospital, several officers from the department stood and watched him get ready for his journey home. They also witness him ring the symbolic bell as he put a big smile on his face. According to a report from Inside Edition, Drake was escorted by motorcycles and police cars. The young boy himself took a ride at the front seat of a police cruiser.

And as Drake arrived home, he was welcomed by a streamer and several balloons. The department also gave Drake a priceless gift: his own shadow box. The officer’s said they would let him borrow the chief’s badge for the moment. “You got your own badge coming so we let you borrow the Chief’s in the meantime.” With Drake continuously getting better, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a real officer one day.

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