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Boy Basketball Team Disqualified For Having A Girl Member

Boy Basketball Team Disqualified For Having A Girl Member
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Boy Basketball Team Disqualified For Having A Girl Member

The U-11 Charlottesville Cavs was disqualified from playing because they have ten-year-old Kymora Johnson, a girl, for a teammate. The decision was made even with Johnson playing with the team since she was six years old. She was also allowed during check-in. The incident now sparked controversy as the team was disqualified after winning in the tournament’s Elite Eight.

Kymora is not allowed to play with the team because she is a girl

“I felt kind of bummed that we got disqualified. We were really close to getting to the championship. I just felt bad for my teammates who couldn’t play and worked really hard to get to the championship,” the young basketball standout told scrimmageplay.

The National Travel Basketball Association apparently has a new rule against a female playing in a boy’s team for the championship. However, Kymora’s mom Jessica Thomas-Johnson said this is ridiculous since Kymora was allowed during check-in.

“We submit all of the paperwork, the whole team checks in in full uniform, with a birth certificate. She has hot pink fingernail polish and a pink headband. She’s a girl,” Thomas-Johnson said.

The NTBA seemed hell bent to stop the team. Its management had called on the police to stop the kids.

“[The NTBA] called the police, like these 10-year-olds were such a threat. But not one parent or child has directed their anger at us. It just really solidifies the feeling of family that we already had with the organization,” Thomas-Johnson told Yahoo.

Kymora’s sympathizers have taken their support to social media with the hashtag #EqualityForKymora on Twitter. Former NBA player Sean Singletary has tweeted his support, as well as athletes Mya Wright and Selena Cozart.

Thomas-Johnson said Kymora and the U-11 Charlottesville Cavs do not deserve to be disqualified.

“These children have worked so hard to get to this point, and to have it taken from them is just heartbreaking.”


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