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Boy With Autism Sells Drawings To Buy Toys For Sick Brother

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Boy With Autism Sells Drawings To Buy Toys For Sick Brother

A boy has discovered the secret to his younger brother’s happiness. And it matters a lot, especially that his baby brother is quite sick.

Haden Edwards’ little brother Max is sick beyond belief. For some time now, he has been battling a genetic disorder known as Neurofibromatosis. According to information from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the disorder causes tumors to grow on the nerves. While there are cases where these tumors are benign, others can become cancerous over time.

In the case of young Max, doctors have already recommended surgery to deal with the growing tumors on his brain. However, the seven-year-old’s surgical procedure had been unsuccessful. This month, the Edwards family would learn if there are still available treatment options for Max.

As the Edwards face a very difficult time, older son Haden is determined to help in any way he could. See, Haden is facing a slight limitation himself. Aside from only being 10 years old, Haden also has autism. Nonetheless, his condition has never stopped him from showing love, kindness and generosity not just to his brother but also to everyone around him.

According to a report from Inside Edition, Haden always had a kind and generous spirit. When he sees an officer or veteran dining in a restaurant, he would readily put $5 for their meals. At the same time, Haden regularly volunteers for Meals on Wheels. In fact, he goes there twice a month.

Haden draws to raise money for toys, ice cream and meals.

For his brother’s sake, Haden thought he’d help raise money towards his treatment and care. This is what gave him the idea to create a number of impressive colorful drawings. Selling for $1 each, Haden put out a sign outside the family’s home and set up shop. The sign on his table reads, “Selling Drawings for Mad Max.”

After making some money, Haden would regularly go to Max and talk to him about how they can spend it. There are times when they spent the money on ice cream or some of Max’s favorite meals. More often than not, though, the pair use the money to buy Lego sets.

Meanwhile, you can help the Edwards with Max’s treatment expenses even if you live far away. All you have to do is head to their GoFundMe page where any monetary contribution counts. According to the latest update on the page, Max is currently doing well.

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